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Albert Johan Jonkeren

Hi, my name is Jos (my “official” first names are Albert Johan). I was born in the Netherlands; I now live in Berlin, Germany. I am a fan of technology, design, entrepreneurship and web development.

I have founded several companies in the Netherlands and in Germany, in which my role as CEO was building a sharp team. I have also worked as CTO.

I am an “IT-guy” with business skills, or the other way around: a businessman with deep IT skills. I understand and can level with developers. You can throw all your JS, PHP, JSON, APIs, Linux, SQL at me.

I can audit and overview most businesses in a very short time — of both the technical and the business side — and see where the challenges are. I can then make concrete suggestions and plans on how to solve those issues using the available or new technology.

In many companies there is a “barrier of understanding” between the business and marketing people on one side, and the engineers / developers on the other. Each group finds the other strange. That leads to products delayed and unfinished, promises not kept, and unhappy customers or stake holders.

I can act as your “translation layer” between marketing, operations and development; whereby I create inventive technical solutions, brief those with development, and communicate to marketing. The result is projects overdelivered and earlier than expected. Which leads to happy faces all around — and a good bottom line.